Got Jokes?

C: Do you know how Flo Rida got his name?
B: No, how?
C: He used to be a dental rapper!
B: ?
C: Flouride.


C: What would Garfield’s name be if he was a paper?
B: A paper? I don’t know.
C: Garfold.

Six Word Friday: Offering

I have only this to offer:

For all your prehistoric healthcare needs.

Six Word Friday: Silence

Here are some thoughts on silence:


I love the silence that exists

early in the morning before dawn

and everyone else awakens the day.

(Though I hate early morning rising.)


I hate the silence when I

go outside that tells me that

the dog is no longer there.


I love the little noises that

tell me that someone is home.

Because when they are gone away

the silence is sometimes quite deafening.


Of course, as the joke goes:

Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver.

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