Self Portrait Saturday: Light Painting

So yesterday I was outside taking some pictures of my flowers. When I came in, already in a photography mindset, my computer was waiting with the screen saver on. I thought it looked cool so I snapped some pictures of it. Then I realized that I really needed to clean my computer screen!

After cleaning it, I went away until my screen saver came on again. Then I snapped some more pictures. I put my camera on continuous and went a little overboard. Seven hundred pictures later, I think I got some good ones. Of course, it’s extremely difficult to choose just a few out of that many. But I’ll do my best.

I like the rhythm and repetition of this one


Ouch! Get out of my nose!

Sometimes it seemed like it knew I was there.

This one looks/feels like a hug 🙂

Ha! You missed me!

Only a few more, I promise.

Just a gentle touch…

Say, “Cheeese!”

Well, I restrained myself and only posted 19.

This post is brought to you by the wonders of modern technology 😀