I Have Reservations at the Detour Cafe

So, once a month I trek 3 hours up to Portland to go to a psychiatrist for my ADD/anxiety stuff. (I have anxiety about using the Behavior Health Services here in the local hospital system.) I also drive my husband up there for some/many of his VA medical appointments. For the most part we don’t venture for off the direct route and freeway to get there.

On Tuesday, I decided to take advantage of being in the city to go to Whole Foods. I live about an hour from one and hate to make a special trip to get my special (non-dairy, non-soy) foods.

My phone gave me directions on how to go to get there. It seemed very simple. And probably was, but I missed a turn I was supposed to make and then had to redirect my route. Unfortunately it was full of roads that didn’t go through. I went quite a ways out of my way to get to a road that appeared to go through to a main road that would take me back to the road that I needed.

It turned out to be closed for road construction. (In fact, that entire trip was bedecked with those Orange Cone Blossoms that are blooming everywhere this time of year.) So, I followed the detour around and about and turned hither and yon. Even the roads that weren’t closed for construction had worksites that were intruding out in to the streets. In the midst of all this detour and delay for construction and improvement, around about the time that a drive past the DETOUR CAFE (Yes, this is an actual restaurant. I probably should have stopped for lunch there. Because, obviously! Alas, I did not.), it occurs that this is some kind of metaphor and I’m probably supposed to be learning something from this.


It may seem like the route is blocked and the journey is taking too long, but really you are allowing space and time for repair and improvement. Don’t worry. Slow down. The stores are still going to be there when you arrive. Have fun. Enjoy the unusual sights. Stop at the cafe and have lunch.



Thanks for the lesson, Universe. I hear ya.

What I Learned This Week….

So, I’ve been reading more and more blogs and I’ve noticed that a lot of them have some type of post that they do weekly. I started thinking that maybe I could do something like that.

Self Portrait Thursday? hmm…that sounds kinda cool, except I hate pictures of myself so I would have to be more metaphorical about it. “This picture of a book is a self portrait of me because I love to read.” That sort of thing.

I have a friend who does Tackle It Tuesday. I love that one and wish I could. But, alas, it is not my nature to do stuff like that on a regular basis.

Song Lyric Sunday. Another good one that I thought about doing, but couldn’t quite bring myself to do the homework for.

Wordless Wednesday. I really do like this one and am still contemplating it. More pictures-less talking, lady! (hey, stop cheering!)

But, I really like this one I found a couple days ago on my latest BlogJog.

Things I Learned This Week on Nucking Futs Mama.

Which you can read here:


Here goes my attempt at it…..

This week I learned:

≈ That I have a vivid imagination (according to my husband.)  But it’s not my  fault that the ice cream lid is staring at me.

there's really no good way to describe this in words. Ice cream mask doesn't really capture the weirdness of it

Stop Staring At Me!

≈ That horses really only stay inside fences as a favor to us.

≈I need to wear safety goggles when I clip my husbands toenails because…

≈”Daddy’s toenails are defensive. Because he was a Marine.” (yes, my husband is a Marine right down to his toenails)

≈When I least want to be touched is when my child most wants to be.

≈To remember to “compare down”  instead of up when I get to feeling like I don’t have enough stuff.

That’s All For Now.

Today I am grateful for:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Civil Rights

My Right to Vote (90 yrs.)

My family

Chocolate Soy Milk