The MouseCapades!

I live out here in the country and one thing that we continually have to deal with is keeping the mice at bay. Since losing our cats and then our dog (who also liked to chase and catch things), it has been a struggle to keep ahead of the problem.

Recently we’ve had a couple particularly odd mouse capers though.

The mice got into the noodles in the cabinet. They were just in the thin plastic bags that they come in, so we thought that we’d move them into thicker plastic storage containers to protect them until the mice were caught.

It’s possible this did not work out as well as planned.

But, they were just checking. We know this because while we found pieces of blue plastic inside the container,

there was no poop and no mouse. They would very likely not have been able to get back out had they gone in.


The other odd thing was that a mouse managed to touch a live wire in an outlet where the TV is plugged in. This resulted in his not only electrocuting himself , but also the DVR on that TV.

I did not take pictures of that.

You’re welcome 🙂