a new year is here

I long for the days that were before

Though I know that they can be no more

standing on the cusp of a lifetime of new tomorrows

bled through and steeped with the blue of soul wrenching sorrow

I look to the future weary and heartsore

shivering from the cold of winter’s dark floor

I cannot yet rejoice in the coming of the new year

as those that preceded it were bathed in salted tears

these winter holidays with their festivals of light and cheer

remind us that the all-encompassing darkness will not always be here

with the passing of time and the turnings of the days

there will be incrementally larger slivers of the suns rays

I don’t need to rejoice with a leap and a bang

just light a small candle to light the way again

we know the wheel turns and turns

and the long cold winter nights will give way to summers burns

the light will return and the dark will recede

bringing the respite and clarity we need

New Year

I’ve decided to move (most of) my celebration of the New Year to March.

January doesn’t really feel like the beginning of anything. It’s still right in the middle of the deep cold and, in fact, the worst of winter is still yet to come. (Usually!) I appreciate the need for a festival of lights at that time of year. But I feel like it’s more of a celebration of having crossed the halfway mark, than of the end or beginning of anything.

But March.

March feels more like a time to get things started. Just ask the plants and animals. Babies are being born, seeds are sprouting, the weather begins to show improvement. I start to feel the itchiness of the possibility of things to do. Spring fever sets in.

It doesn’t really help that my birthday is in March. This is for me, time to start a new year.

For my birthday yesterday we went out for typical Irish fare at Rancher’O. Doesn’t everyone eat fajitas for St. Patty’s Day? It was nice. Although we wussed out and were home by 10:00pm.





Happy 36th New Year!

The Art of Living

I am an artist.

I have always been an artist, but only recently have I felt like I’m starting to come into what I’m supposed to be doing as an artist. (I suppose that’s the point of the art degree.) So it’s only been the last few months that I’ve made an internal shift that allowed me to stop saying that I’m trying to be an artist. Now I can just say that I am an artist.

What that means for me is that I get to take part in this magical process where I see the world around me in unusual (so I gather) ways. To me the world is full of shapes, forms, patterns, and colors that I look for and see everywhere. So I take that in and then it gets mixed around with things I’ve seen before and some I’ve imagined to form some new idea which I then get to manifest into reality. Magic.

As I look ahead to the new year, my “resolutions” haven’t changed much since last year. I intend to do more.



More loving.

More playing.

More exercising.

More art making.

More traveling.

More cleaning.(boo!)

(Now that’s some cleaning I can get behind.lol)


Over the mountains and through the woods…

To Grandpa’s house we go!

We took a quick trip over to the other side of the mountains to visit my Dad and the family for a couple days.

We watched movies on the giant tv screen he has.

Went to dinner and ate an obscene amount of sushi.

Mmmm….Vegas rolls are little slices of heaven.

Drove home last night to the tune of tears because we had to leave. We’ve seen the fam twice this year.

A record for us.

But still not enough.

We love you family! See you next year!

I probably won’t post any more this year, so I will wish you all a fulfilling and delightful new year.

Be Safe if you are out and about!