It’s way to early for this stuff, but I’m getting started on pieces for two holiday bazaars in the first week of December. (Um, yes I know that I’m late on that part. I just meant that I like to keep xmas stuff until later. I’m not a fan of Christmas creeping up earlier and earlier.)

This was my first stopping point. I really like the sketchy look, but wasn’t satisfied with some of it. Of course, I started fiddling with it and then did it some more. Until eventually I got to this:

This is oil pastel which I blended with some kind of turpenoid or something*. (My friend gave me a little of hers since she paints in oils and has the requisite paraphernalia and I paint in acrylic and therefore do not. I can’t remember what it’s called, of course. At any rate, it is great for blending the oil pastels.)

That’s my funny little Santa

*Update: it’s this stuff here.

The ebb and flow of things

I suppose the energy of winter is one of a hibernating, germinating nature. Less about activity and more about contemplation. Although this winter here has been less winterlike than usual. For a variety of reasons I have been feeling kinda low energy lately. Some of that is stress from other people’s HEALTH issues, some is from our own health stuff since the kid and I are taking turns with some weird “24 hour” bug. But I also know that a lot of people are low energy this time of year. Or weird energy. Feeling sort of contrary just for the sake of being contrary. Not necessarily a SAD (seasonal affected disorder) thing. So this is a long winded way of saying that I’ve been feeling sort of contrary to my blog lately and so haven’t posted as much as I might like to. Although I did a post the other day and uploaded a bunch of pictures and at the end I hit ‘publish’ and it said there was an error and ate the post. Which really did make me contrary.

So here are some things I’ve been working on lately:

We’ve been having a live model in drawing class. My instructor noticed that my piece was leaning toward broad flat areas of color (above) (reminiscent of Alex Katz’ work)  and thought I should explore that more (below).

Which led to a more Cubistic thing going on (above). Which led to this.

Overall a fun day in class.