A Day of Peace

It’s not a holiday that get’s much play.

Not a lot of money to be made hawking Peace Day cards, I suppose.

So I rarely hear of it and often forget about it.

But someone on Fb will mention it and I will get the message just when I really need it most.

September 21st is the anniversary of my mom’s death and can be really hard.

I think she would appreciate that it’s the International Day of Peace.

She would want us to remember her and celebrate peace.

Two years is a long time. But 54 is longer. I don’t want to let her death overshadow the fact of her life.

She is at peace.

Hopefully the rest of us can be, too.

Peace be with you.

This morning’s sunrise.

Peace be with us.

Let there be peace on Earth,

and let it begin with me.



Six Word Friday: Better

I believe we can do better.

I believe we must do better.

I believe we will do better.

If our actions come from love.

Love will elevate our thoughts, hearts.

Six Word Friday: Exchange

I wonder what is the going

rate for words in today’s market.

Surely we have a few that

we don’t use anymore. Nice, heavy,

antique words, thick with a patina

from centuries of use. Words worth

much, but fallen into disuse now.

Can we not trade these priceless

relics? Exchange them for words that

should not exist in the world.

I am a weaver of words,

a lover of language, but I…

I would trade in these precious

commodities if I thought that they

would secure me a language, no

a world, that had no use

at all, no need whatsoever for

a word like the word heinous.

Surely some sort of deal can

be made, agreed upon, worked out.

*Go see Melissa at Six Word Friday to read more words about exchange.

Six Word Friday:Refreshed

Some days it just takes this:

Or it might be this here:

Getting up early isn’t ALL bad.


Other days call for drastic measures:

A child’s laugh, little kid hugs

A husband’s embrace, deep back rub.

A night out with the girls.

A dance class, a yoga session.

An art project, new blog post.

A three hour long phone call.

Delicious food that I didn’t cook.

Someone else doing the house keeping.

A visit with family or friends.

Communing with the ocean cleanses me.

It has been far too long.

I Believe


Mama Knows It All
Sunday, January 16th & Monday, January 17th
What do you believe?
1. Write a post (or record a vlog, compose a song, write a poem…it’s up to you!)
about what you believe inspired by the following quote
taken from Dr. King’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech:
I have the audacity to believe that people everywhere
can have three meals a day for their bodies,
education and culture for their minds,
and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits.
I believe that what self-centred men have torn down,
other–centered men can build up.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I believe that we can raise each other up with collaboration.
I believe that self-centeredness is divisive and promotes fear and ignorance.
I believe we can look for similarities in each other rather than differences.
I believe that whether you are black, white, christian, muslim, straight, gay, tall or short,
we are all human and we need to look inside ourselves and others to find those divine sparks that we all share.
We can be a light in the darkness.
We can lift each other up toward the future.
We have come a very long way.
We still have a long way to go.
I believe we can achieve Liberty and Justice For ALL.
I believe we must in order for our nation to survive and thrive.
We are the UNITED States.
Let’s prove it.

Six word Friday: Fantasy

In my fantasy war is obsolete

everyone has enough good clean water

and, of course, plenty to eat.

Equality is, by policy, distributed equally

No genocide, no patricide, no suicide.

No “mommy wars”, No weapons stores

All animals have room to roam

All beings have a safe home.

No child neglect or any abuse

No more pollution or unnecessary refuse

No war crimes or hate crimes

less bottom line, more collaboration time

“you may say I’m a dreamer,

but I’m not the only one”

I hope this song is sung.

Today I am grateful for love.

and possibilities of dreams coming true.

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a piece of peace

This morning I sat alone in quiet peace.

My husband was not awake yet and our son spent the night at a friend’s house. I noticed as a drank my coffee that even the birds had ceased their usual morning chatter outside the windows.

I was able to sleep in and had nowhere to be.

During the school year I am usually the first to get up because I need a little while before I can be friendly to the other grumpy non-morning people I have to wake up and nag to school. Unfortunately that happens at five in the morning. Most of the year the sun is not up yet. Which is uncool because humans are definitely diurnal. I don’t mind staying up a little, but I hate getting up early.

During the summer, we are busy with swim lessons and soccer camp and summer reading program at the library. So we may not have to get up terribly early, but we do have to get up and get going most days. (The public pool here is outdoors and packs a years worth of swim lessons into 8 weeks.)

It felt delicious so have nowhere to go and no one to watch. This has been happening a little more often as he gets older and can stay at other people’s houses without trouble.

He was due to come home from his friend’s at around noon. But at around noon I received a call from his friend’s dad wondering if it would be okay for him to stay until after dinner.

Well, I guess so, if you twist my arm….. ha! Of course!

So, here I am typing my blog post at 4:00ish in the afternoon with a couple more hours of free time left. Wahoo!

Another peaceful thing…

The other day on the way home, I glanced at the side of the road and noticed a doe resting in the shade of a tree. I see deer here quite often so that was no surprise, but rarely do I see them laying down so close to the road. Usually they aren’t that restful there.

Here’s wishing you a piece of peace, too.

Today I am grateful for…..coffee (of course), art, friends, peace, and quiet.