I am a snob.

not always. but I can be.

let me set the scene:

Child C and I are in Fred Meyers shopping for shoes (torturing) me. Since we were already there, we picked up some groceries before heading home. C noticed something that he wanted me to get.

C: Can we get some of those? I want those for my dinner.

(I was making chili which he doesn’t like. I had told him he could get something to eat instead.)

Me: (After lamenting about how much more they cost than when I was buying them years ago.) I guess we can get these, but you have to get this brand.

C: Why? I like that one.

Me: No, we’re getting this one, it tastes much better.

C: Why do we haaave to get Maruchan Ramen? Can’t we get Top Ramen?

Me: There’s something weird about the Top Ramen noodles. I don’t like them.

That’s right.

I am a ramen noodle snob.

noodle doodle