a piece of peace

This morning I sat alone in quiet peace.

My husband was not awake yet and our son spent the night at a friend’s house. I noticed as a drank my coffee that even the birds had ceased their usual morning chatter outside the windows.

I was able to sleep in and had nowhere to be.

During the school year I am usually the first to get up because I need a little while before I can be friendly to the other grumpy non-morning people I have to wake up and nag to school. Unfortunately that happens at five in the morning. Most of the year the sun is not up yet. Which is uncool because humans are definitely diurnal. I don’t mind staying up a little, but I hate getting up early.

During the summer, we are busy with swim lessons and soccer camp and summer reading program at the library. So we may not have to get up terribly early, but we do have to get up and get going most days. (The public pool here is outdoors and packs a years worth of swim lessons into 8 weeks.)

It felt delicious so have nowhere to go and no one to watch. This has been happening a little more often as he gets older and can stay at other people’s houses without trouble.

He was due to come home from his friend’s at around noon. But at around noon I received a call from his friend’s dad wondering if it would be okay for him to stay until after dinner.

Well, I guess so, if you twist my arm….. ha! Of course!

So, here I am typing my blog post at 4:00ish in the afternoon with a couple more hours of free time left. Wahoo!

Another peaceful thing…

The other day on the way home, I glanced at the side of the road and noticed a doe resting in the shade of a tree. I see deer here quite often so that was no surprise, but rarely do I see them laying down so close to the road. Usually they aren’t that restful there.

Here’s wishing you a piece of peace, too.

Today I am grateful for…..coffee (of course), art, friends, peace, and quiet.