Six Word Friday: Looking Forward

usually at this time of year

we cast our gaze out forward

considering the turning of the wheel

a chance to start once more

to change those many annoying faults

to change ourselves from what was

to what we think we ought.

remember as we move forward

in this strange, wonderful life dance:

“there are no mistakes, only variations

some are intentional, some are not”

you are exactly where you are

supposed to be on your path.

so treat yourself with some tenderness

and then give some away, too.

the world can be harsh sometimes

loving each other softens the edges.

Six Word Friday: Resolved

I still have the usual list
do more art, shrink my hips
get myself organized, focus on healthiness
et ceterah, et ceterah, et ceterah

but really this is my plan:

love more, live more, do more
create more, recreate more, activate more
instigate more, educate more, articulate more.

this is my challenge-and yours.

Six Word Friday is back from holiday break. Resolve to go read about it and maybe post your own.


I love numbers like that. This year there are a few. Today, January 11th, September 10th, November 11th.

I am always just a little bit happy when I happen to notice that the clock says 3:45 or 4:56.

Anyway, Happy 1.1.11 New Year!

Pieces of Flair

I’m pretty sure that I am required to post something about Resolutions or Goals today, or this week.

So here goes:

Goal 1.

I will exercise more. I have loved taking Activity Classes at school. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to squeeze any in this term. So I will endeavor to do it on my own. It is the single most important thing I can do to improve my life and the lives of the people around me. Not only do I need to lose some weight, but I have found that it makes me happier and better able to focus. This last term it probably helped to keep me sane, what with all the craziness I had going on.

Goal 2.

I will work to find a medicine or treatment that helps me to regulate my ADD. I feel that I should be able to accomplish so much more than I am and know that much of it is symptomatic of my ADD.

Goal 3.

I will do more. I am challenged with lots of ideas, but not enough action. I will work to manifest my ideas into reality much more often.

In art.

In writing.

In the world.



That’s probably enough for one year.

(I have others, but those are the big ones that will facilitate the others.)