Six Word Friday: Light


we awaken before the morning light

reluctantly leaving our warm blanket cocoons

at least the view doesn’t suck.

Six word friday: august is fun.

the nights have really cooled off

the days have gentled a bit.

smoldering more, scorching a little less

the schedule is gentler as well

only requiring attention every few days

rather than every day. or more.

for me, august is fun, really,

because it isn’t packed with fun.

(the kid might disagree with me)

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Six Word Fridays: Found (july week 1)

found out I’m out of creamer.

my whole. entire. day. is ruined.


six word fridays

Six Word Friday: Happy (June continues)

the family is driving over today

because tomorrow is the big day

finals are over, books put away

happy? yes, so I would say.

Gradoodle-ation is tomorrow afternoon at two.

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Six Word Friday: Stop and Go

Once again she says to herself:

Stop procrastinating. Go write a post.

go see melissa. don’t stop!

Six Word Friday: Pace

It’s the first day of Fall

Not much changes today, at all.

The children already fill the halls.

The incremental ratcheting down of pace

from high summer to deep winter

Is already a half run race.

The temperature’s cooler, dark comes earlier.

The wind’s more “bracing”, animals furrier.

But still, today is about balance.

Day and night in equal measure.

Yin and Yang at nature’s leisure.

A chance to pause, take stock, reflect.

Let the fall season’s quietness set.

Take the turn from outward action

of newborn spring and teenaged summer

to the gathering and tending faction

of fall’s nurturing and maturing mother.

Storing food and building cozy nests

in prudent readiness and busy preparation

For the darker colder month’s rest

and relaxation, or more aptly: hibernation.

This Autumn Equinox take a moment

to center yourself, take a breath.

Breathe in. Believe you are potent.

Breathe out. Release all the rest.


Six Word Friday: Connect

Words connect us,

they often do

transmitting my thoughts from me to you.

hands connect us,

linking us together

fingers and palms snuggled up forever

bodies connect us,

these intimate relations

binding us closer through physical sensations

hearts connect us,

channeling our emotion

providing a buoy in life’s ocean

love connects us

nothing else needed.

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Six Word Fridays: Move

We move together. Slow, quick, quick.

My hand in yours. You lead.

I follow, but you cannot lead

without my agreeing to the steps.

You pose a question in movement.

I answer with a corresponding motion.

In this way we conversate together.

You hold me close, but still

allow me room to spin freely.

We step, step, glide, pivot, turn

across the dance floor in harmony.

Weaving a path safely through, around.

You clasp my hand in yours.

The intention of your body funnelled

through your arms, telegraphed through fingers,

guiding us to the music’s rhythm.

My hand rests lightly in yours.

Neither’s hand clutches. They need space.

Tethered together by choice, by action.

A too firm grip ruins flow.

A too weak hold can’t follow.

“Spaghetti arms” can’t maintain a conversation.

The delicate balance between strong and soft

is navigated step by step, collaboratively.

Honey, would you care to dance?

Take the Lead Tango

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Easy Peasy, Right?

Come on, it’s only six words.

It should be easy peasy, right?

You call yourself a writer, yes?

So what is your malfunction exactly?

What makes this so hard today?

Why don’t these words flow freely?

Why do you put so much

pressure on yourself on this thing?

Struggling to paint a bigger picture.

Refining to just a few words.

Muscles taut, fists clenched, furrowed brow…

no wonder the words are stuck.

You won’t let them glide through.

You are choking yourself and them.

Relax. Breathe. Open your grasping hands.

Words flow like water, you know.

Caught, not by grabbing onto them,

But by gentle cradling to hold

them up so they won’t fall.

Grasping, clawing, fighting leaves you tired

and even more thirsty than before.

Easing your way, you can scoop

up more words than you need.

Splashing and dripping, they do sparkle

in the glorious light of day.

You should really take it easy.

After all, it’s only six words.


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Six Word Friday: Unexpected

I am no fan of surprises.

Not the big ones at least.

It seems to me that they

often go awry in some way.

Assuming it was a good surprise

to start out with any way.

Someone gives it away or the

person (usually me) does something contrary

to the plan in the works.

But, I am a big fan

of small, unexpected pleasures and treasures.

The coffee is already made today?

A drawing from a little child?

A hug.

A kiss.

Holding hands.

A spontaneous postcard in the mail.

These little things, tiny and unexpected

add a dash of glitter to

a life crafted in ordinary everyday.

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