Spring Vacation

This post is featuring an assignment from school written by my 7 yr old. They are learning about story structure and write these little “essays” about different things every week. The regular format is First, detail, Second (or Then), detail, Last, detail, and Clearly to finish up. However, since we are ever and always involved with NASCAR in our house, sometimes the details aren’t just details…..

I did many things during spring vacation.

First, I got a haircut. Fast Fact, mom took a long time.

Then, I went to the High Desert Museum. Fast Fact, Dad had some trouble cause there was no ramp.

Last, I did my coin experiment. Fast Fact, it’s a coin experiment.

Clearly, I did many things during spring break.

Park and Walk

well, for our first spring break outing, we went to the nearest “big” city and went to the park to walk around and goof off while my husband had an appointment.We walked around for quite some time. Casey threw and chased pinecones over hill and dale. He pretended to play tackle football. We made two separate trips to find a public restroom. On the way back from the 2nd trip we found the potty in the park, which was really quite close to where we had parked. grr.

oooh, my aching feet. I definitely need to get out more!

I snapped some pictures with my cellphone. Most included a closeup of a pinecone as at the slightest hint that I might take a picture, the child would run up and stick his friend “pineconie” in the shot. But, I did manage to get a few.