Spring Term

This is my first time taking all upper division courses since I finally finished my core classes last term and had my portfolio review to enter into the BFA program. I’m sure it will be fine, but I’m a tad bit nervous. This term I’m taking

Painting: Abstraction and Multimedia

So far we are working on a Picasso-esque portrait. Tomorrow we will start doing encaustic which is painting with melted colored wax. Sounds pretty cool. Later we will have the option to make movies.(!!)

Art History: Modern

This is basically looking at this century. The cool thing about this class is that it is a combined art and literature class. So we are looking at images and movies and also readings from the period. Nice!

Art: Issues in Contemporary Art (Writing Intensive Course)

Again with lots of reading and writing about art.

and Dancercise.

I ♥ this class and try to include an activity class whenever my schedule allows.

I’m starting to get used to my schedule and realized I would have to drop my Stretch and Relaxation class in order to have time during the day for lunch and homework.

So that’s how things look this term. Hopefully I’ll be able to get into a rhythm and figure out when blogging will fit best.

See you next time!