More sunrise pics!









Early to Rise

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of mornings. Now as we prepare for school to start (tomorrow!) we are going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. The only benefit, slight though it may be, of getting up at the crack of dawn is the dawn itself.











So, you know….it’s not all bad.

Six Word Friday: Light


we awaken before the morning light

reluctantly leaving our warm blanket cocoons

at least the view doesn’t suck.

A Day of Peace

It’s not a holiday that get’s much play.

Not a lot of money to be made hawking Peace Day cards, I suppose.

So I rarely hear of it and often forget about it.

But someone on Fb will mention it and I will get the message just when I really need it most.

September 21st is the anniversary of my mom’s death and can be really hard.

I think she would appreciate that it’s the International Day of Peace.

She would want us to remember her and celebrate peace.

Two years is a long time. But 54 is longer. I don’t want to let her death overshadow the fact of her life.

She is at peace.

Hopefully the rest of us can be, too.

Peace be with you.

This morning’s sunrise.

Peace be with us.

Let there be peace on Earth,

and let it begin with me.



April Sunrise!

I’m blinded now and my arms are sore, but I got some nice shots of the sunrise this morning.

This last one is my favorite!