I need to get outta dodge.

My dad just took a trip to Belize. I have a friend who is a rock star who was in Brazil at the same time as my dad was in Belize. Actually she may not be a rock star, I think she’s a tour manager. But,whatever, since my dad has been back (about a week and a half?) she’s been to South Africa and Switzerland. I think it’s awesome that they do that and are having fun.

But, it makes me notice that I haven’t been much of anywhere in much of anywhile. I think I may have mentioned my semi-nomadic childhood. My son was born here. Now he’s 8. That’s the longest I think I’ve lived anywhere. I was talking to him about maybe taking a trip sometime. He said he didn’t want to take a plane because it might crash. (Yes, he’s a worrier.) I restrained myself from saying how much more likely you are to have a car crash than an airplane crash. We talked about how really safe flying is and how many, many planes fly and how few crashes there are. But, the bottom line is: resign yourself to it. I promise you will fly. I’m dismayed that it’s already taken this long for us to take a big trip.

You can’t drive to Europe or Africa or Australia.

I need to get my (our) *asterisk* in gear and out of this rut.

Before we rust here.