Hunting Season Is Upon Us

So today is the first day of hunting season around here.

While I personally don’t prefer to hunt, I have always respected my husband’s right to enjoy things that I don’t, especially since I feel like he has a strong respect for the animals and isn’t only hunting trophies.

But I have to say that after last year’s hunting “adventure” as well as three separate trips back to the same location to try to retrieve our camp gear which resulted in his truck getting stuck all three times in the same non cell phone signal area thus rendering him unable to even text me that he was okay without a good hike out to a spot with a signal. I am tired of hunting and all of the accompanying drama that we have been “enjoying” of late.

Next year he hopes to go hunting with his brother. Which will ease my mind quite a bit, since we all know that we’re supposed to use the buddy system, especially out in the wilderness.

But this year…

This year, I’m pleased to say that he is (as a concession to the rest of us) going hunting with a friend and a bit more locally. Hopefully that means he will be in touch more. Of course, I won’t hold my breath.

I wish him quick success. Because the quicker we get our deer, the quicker hunting season will be over.

Six Word Friday: Wonder

I had a different post planned.

But, breaking news on the TV

Greeted me as I woke up.

Earthquakes, fires, Tsunamis, evacuations, warnings, alerts

I wonder what to tell him.

He is such a worry wart.

He worries about meteors hitting Earth.

He says he won’t ever fly.

I told him so he wouldn’t

hear about “tsunamis hitting Oregon” at

school and freak himself out worrying.

We are far from the coast.

100’s of miles, two mountain ranges

between us and the tsunami danger.

But he will not know that.

So I armed him with knowledge

and sent him on his way.

*update: PBS posted this timely link: