Se hablablablog. (She just keeps talking)

It’s funny how when you are thinking about starting something like this you have lots of ideas. Enough so that you think it would be a good idea to start writing a blog, right? You really do have lots of good ideas, or, at least, ideas that you think would be good. But, having signed up for a blog and faced with the empty page, it seems as though this was a terrible idea. I can’t think of anything that I was so interested to talk about. But, I think that this is a common problem for writers and the solution is probably just to write anyway.

So, I’m starting with the topic of not having a topic. Gets some letters on the page so that the vastness of the blank page cannot stare back at me mockingly. Make it so that, for better or worse, my voice is out there. Even if I don’t have much to say. Oh, but I do! I’m just off to a shaky start, nervous of what to say or how to say it. Or whether or not I should say it. But, as they say at Nike, I need to Just Do It. Do what I can to shake off my nerves and write anyway.

I suppose I could give a little insight as to how I plan to run this deal. Good idea, except for the part where I’m supposed to have a plan. I dove into this like most things I do: off the cuff, with only a wing and a prayer. Planning isn’t my strong suit. So, I’m pretty sure that it will be discombobulated ramblings about things that I think are interesting, cool, funny, fun, sad, important, or just need saying.  So, here we go! We are off to a start. Right, anyway….