Chicken Pot Pie Etiquette

I wrote some time back about some of my food snobbery.

This is also true for me about how I eat my food. I usually have a preferred method for eating each type of food. Obviously, I prefer most foods not to touch much or mix together on the plate.

This particular situation is with regards to pot pies. We haven’t had them in a while. Partly because of the dudeling previously not being particularly interested in them and partly because they don’t fit well with my food sensitivities and food plan.

But the other day I received a request for them and so I bought some. (In the meantime, the mancub ate a bunch of them at his friend’s house and is now kinda over them. But that’s not what this post is about.)

First of all, I buy the little cheap ones. Then I prepare them in the microwave. I really don’t cook much and 7 mins is going to beat 35 mins almost every time.

I was reminded that my favorite is the turkey pot pie. My husband always preferred beef ones, though he’d eat the other ones if no other option was available. And Boy always wanted chicken if I could get him on board.

My preference is to keep them in their little bowl and tidily scoop out everything with a spoon.

My husband, on the other hand, liked to decant them out onto a plate and chop them up into some kind of pie pile.

The heathen.

Ugh. What way do you eat your pot pies?

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