Neither Five nor Friday (on mother’s day, whatever you may be) (the best explanation of depression. ever.) (take the damn picture anyway) (Superheroes designed by little girls) (Wil Wheaton on Why it’s awesome to be a Nerd) (on advocating for yourself) (it’s okay to be a regular person, in spite of what the media shows us) (underwater wheelchair dancing) (if there is sour lemon juice to be had, remember only that sweetness makes the bitter drinkable)

Friday Five-ish

Friday Falafel* Five

Here is this week’s offering of great posts that I’ve read. I hope you’ll click through and give them a read or a look.

ADD and Autism (autism awareness) (depression) (ADHD in girls)


Kindness and Love (kind photography) (you deserve love) (making connections is what it’s all about)


Creativity (make a change, if necessary)


Equality, Freedom and Poverty (equal rights in marriage (video)) (equal rights in gender) (photos of poverty in america)


*The falafel is in there because it makes about as much sense as me continuing to say FIVE every week.

Five on friday (vagina stuff 🙂 )  (ADD leader stuff 🙂 )  (passion and truth in business 🙂 ) (equality stuff 🙂 )  (more equality stuff 🙂 )

“Five” for your Friday

So here are some things I gathered this week.

On loving ourselves and each other: (shame is not a tool that allows for change) (Imagine a world without hate) (I don’t hate my body) (a rare ceasefire in snark was called on Cracked because of Mr. Rogers)

On politics and Dying:

On Rape and Rape Culture:

(I assume these will be triggering for some. [too many]) (a spoken word poem about staying silent) (when a friend won’t let you drive drunk, but will let you rape) (we need to hear more men like this)


Five For Friday

I decided that I love reading other people’s round up posts enough that I ought to try it. Being a huge fan of alliteration I went immediately to the Tuesday Ten. Unfortunately I chickened out at the possibility that I might not be able to do 10 every time. (I was going to say every week, but I think we’ve seen how my schedule is a little, um, more flexible than that. I will try. I always do.) So, I came up with 5 on Friday. What I love about these types of posts is getting the chance to hear about and read blogs that I probably never would have read otherwise. I hope that that is what happens here. So without further ado, here is my first list: