The Dance Team

Spouse A: My husband, also sometimes known as Alpha Dude, Tango Alpha Bravo, or Alan. He is my partner and friend. The rock to my water. My shelter in stormy weather. A former rancher, bullfighter, heavy equipment mechanic, and U.S. Marine. He is all go, stopped slowed only by physical disabilities incurred in service.

Edit: Alan passed away October 2013. Rest in Peace, my love.

Spouse B: Hey, that’s me! Brook also known as….um, hmm…nope, just me, Brook. I’m a full time student, wife, and mom. I’ll be graduating next spring (2012) with a Bachelor of Fine Art. I’m an artist-hoping to make money at it. soon.

Edit: Now I have graduated with that degree. I am now parenting solo. And I’d still like to make money at this art gig.

Child C: That’s our son. Sometimes known as The Kid, Little Dude, or just C. He’s 8, going on 20.

Edit: 11 now, still keeping me on my toes, as is to be expected with the parents he

Edit: Can you believe he’s almost 18 now?

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