My new idea

I just used up the last of my planetary book of stamps.  It occurred to me that the frame left behind might make for fun pictures. 

So I cut out tha middle of the backing sheet and applied a bit of black marker here and there. 

Ta Da!!

Fancy little frame. 

So far I’ve discovered that I need to give it a sturdier back. It’s windy out. 

Dramatic Incident Pending 

Just read a story about a couple who was getting married. 

Everything was fine. 

Nothing went wrong. Everything went off without a hitch. I kept waiting for a dramatic incident. Kidnapping, cheating, person left at or near the alter, car wreck, I don’t know. 

Usually there is something that hitches the getalong. Then it gets solved and we carry on. 

But we carry on, I think, more appreciative of the good in the face of the bad. 

When things go good for a while it can sometimes be easy to slip into taking it for granted and then getting sort of bogged down in the little irritants that can fill the empty space of out everyday routines. 

But, when something big and bad happens there is a cleaning up of mental clutter to only focus on the important things. 

I call it getting hit with the Perspective Stick. Sometimes life will whack you a good one to make you pay attention. Like the monks in the stories did. 

After my mom died I had a clear moment when I needed to go to the store to get toilet paper because we were low and I remember being so mad that my mom was dead and I still had to get tp. It seemed so unimportant and mundane when this big thing had happened. And that even though my world had stopped, the whole world hadn’t. 

The pain, to me, is a blinding white hot fire that it burns through the drybrush, clearing away any useless tinder laying around. And you can clearly see the rocks that remain; family, friends, kids. 

So while I certainly appreciate the times when nothing particularly exciting is happening as a time to rest and regroup, I try to hold on to that nugget of clarity from the painful, exciting dramatic incidents that have happened. 


Can’t hardly believe it’ll be 7 yrs soon. 

Missing you

Often think of you

Taking a moment to remember the good times we had

Having you for a mom was a GOOD THING. 

Even when we were stubbornly fighting would be better than this not-at-all stuff. 

Really really miss you

Celebrate Women



So I made myself a different blog so I could cuss and fuss about political and social stuff. Accidentally posted my first post over here. So if you were surprised by the cussing and fussing that’s what happened. Pretty sure I’ve got that sorted now. And hopefully won’t do that again. 

I occasionally cuss here but usually save it up. 


12 score years ago George Washington and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were warned. 

Nevertheless, they persisted. 

Guess they should have just sat down and shut up then. They too were just a bunch of rabble rousing upstarts. They too pushed back against the powers-that-be and their exploitive status quo. They too sought justice and equality against a government drunk on its own power. 

But, alas, the powerful are rarely quickly willing to give it up. 

Nevertheless, they persisted. 

History often ends up on the side of the persistent. 

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