Halloween Fallback

I have this costume that I do periodically when I don’t have something really specific I want to do. Or if I decide not to skip the entire shebang.

When I was 10 or so, my mom did a costume that wasn’t really a costume by wearing a flannel shirt and buttoning a second flannel around her waist. She safety pinned gloves to the arms of the second flannel and then tied fishing line from it to the top arms.

I’ve done that costume in various versions over the years. Unfortunately I only have pictures of the version I made this year. Today, I mean.

I bought these gloves with the intention of them looking something like real hands since they are sorta skin colored. But it turns out that thick, fuzzy,pink gloves stuffed full look like large cartoon hands.

This is fine with me. Happy Accident.


I’m here for the glitter cake.

I’m attracted to both men and women. Usually a little more toward men. One word I’ve heard that fits pretty well is heteroflexible.

Mostly I think that who a person chooses be intimate with and make a life with should be a nonissue as long as everyone is of age and consenting.

But we aren’t there yet.

So people come out. To say that it’s okay.

I’ve been sort of quietly out to certain friends for quite a while. As I get older I read more about how there’s weird stigmas around being bi. Even within the lgbtq+ community.

I didnt really realize I was bi, so much as I figured out that not everyone else is. I was having coffee with a friend one day a while back. We were talking about another lady in line a few people ahead of us. I don’t remember why, but I made a joke and said,”oh, she’s not my type.” My friend looked at me a bit puzzled and replied that she didnt have a type when it came to women.

I was really surprised by that.

Scarcity Mentality Hijacks Democracy

I think that capitalism is going to kill the United States and we know it. People who live in a place where resources are scarce will scrap and scrape and scrimp to get whatever they can and will hoard and defend it so they don’t lose it and get caught out with not enough later.

Since the TV was invented we’ve had these corporations with their teams of researchers and advertisers developing newer and better ways to convince you that you can’t possibly be happy with what you have already. Surely you must need more things or more products to make you into a better person. Whatever it is, we know that we, as we are, aren’t enough. Radio and newspapers did this as well, but more slowly and less ruthlessly.

Advertisers are in the business of selling you their products. They can’t do that if you’re happy and fulfilled already. At least, not without going to the effort of making a really great product that fills a need and actually does what it says.

Simultaneously, the news tells us that everything is going to hell in a handbasket and you should be scared and worried. Especially about “them.”

Those news channels are owned by the same people that own the corporations want you huddled down in fear trying to keep everyone away and trying to make sure you get yours first.

It benefits those people if you can’t pause long enough to look around and realize that we have plenty for everyone if we can share. But capitalism doesn’t let you do that.

And Democracy only works if everyone gets a say and a share.

I think we’re on the edge of a new era. Unfortunately it’s going to probably suck trying to birth it.

Hopefully it works out.

Continuing Contrails; More Modern Landscapes

I believe a game of tictactoe may be occurring.

More Modern Landscapes

il concetta profunda*

After I left home, my mom told me she’d discovered that she liked Italian Opera music. She was kind of put out that she’d not known this earlier.

I’ve later discovered that I like it, too. But I mainly just like the male singers. Something about the deeper voices is just pleasing to me. Even with female singers, I’ve tended to prefer the more deep voiced among them. Like the one Pointer Sister. (This is not intended to take anything away from sopranos. They’re fantastic. This is just a personal preference.)

In other types of music, as well, I always like the low base singer in the group. Boys II Men is a good example of that.

I also love Il Divo. And Andrea Bocelli.

Have you given opera a chance?

*used google translate to develop basso profundo (deep bass) to concetta profunda (deep concept). Any error is google’s. Or maybe mine. 🤷‍♀️


I had a dream the other night. It was a weird, icky dream. It woke me up and I didn’t want to get back into it so I just got up.

It was a very strange terrorist situation that ended with me killing a child who was the bad guy to stop him.

I then called the police on myself and spent the rest of my dream trying to figure out if I was delusional or not AND WHICH WOULD BE THE WORSE answer to that question. Did this sequence of events happen the way I think it did (and potentially not be entirely resolved?!) or did this all happen in my head and I killed this kid because of a mental break. I was seriously not able to parse which bad thing was worse.

Also, since I was in jail (or mental hospital) because of this, I was also worried about my son and his living situation and finances, et al.

Now, I’ve been thinking on this and I think it might be a good story. I’m just not certain I can get there from here. I “woke” into the dream late in the action so I’m not sure what terrorist stuff went on.

Anyway, I guess we’ll see.

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