Working On My Hustle!

As part of my ongoing effort to enjoy some kind of income while making art and living a life, I’ve put a lot more effort recently into trying to up my hustle game online.
I have had an Instagram account for a while. This has been mostly my cats and artwork. ( ) I’ve made a patreon associated with this account to help. Currently it includes in progress photos of my artwork. And will probably start to include some kind of longer cat watching videos. ( )
I’ve also made a redbubble account so that my artwork, photos, and designs can be printed on items such as shirts, cups, and waterbottles that are available for purchase. ( )
I’ve started a new Instagram account with the intention of starting a strength and fitness journey. ( ) That will soon have a patreon associated with it as well!
I also have a 3rd instagram and patreon that I’ve just started that is for more mature content stuff that I sometimes do. (Ask me privately if you’re interested in following that account. I try to keep it separate.)

I still have my etsy store. I find uploading and pricing to be super intimidating, so there isn’t much on it. But it does include my pet portraits. ( )
So this is my hustle game right now. Additionally, I’ve submitted ideas to teach classes at my local parks and rec dept. So I’ve also upped my real life hustle game as well.
Thanks for tuning in. Feel free to share any posts you like!

I also have a Facebook page for the artwork stuff and sharing this blog. ( )

Where am I?

Follow me everywhere! I’m lost, too!


Hey, i now have a redbubble profile. So you could buy products with my photos and drawings on them. If you were so inclined 😉

Other People’s Words In My Head

I want to write more.

I heard recently of a Spoken Word/poetry reading night in the Big Town near me. I thought I might write something to allow for the possibility of me working up the nerve to participate.

But lately I’ve been more into doing visual art.

I read a lot. Some might say too much. I internet a lot. Again, maybe too much. And I tv a little. This one actually isn’t a lot and i plan to keep it that way.

But when I sidled up to a piece of paper to try to start writing, it didn’t happen as easily as it used to. It felt like my head was full of other people’s words with no real room for my own.

I think some of it is just practice. Giving myself a consistent space and time to see what I can cough up would probably serve me well.

But I think I also need to consume a little less sometimes. To give my brain the space it seems to need to spin new threads from the old wool.

And I can see a metaphor about clearing out the clutter in a room to make open space to play and use freely.

I don’t do resolutions for New Years. (To me, the New Year feels like it starts in March with the budding of plants and birthing of new lifeforms. Winter is more latent and potent with possibility later.) But I do tend to have a sort of running list of things I could stand to improve on moving forward from now. Whenever that now might be.

So, clearing space in my physical and metaphorical life will be high priority.

I miss this branch of my creativity.

So I should see you again here soon.

Tis the Season

Better late than never.

At least it’s still the same year!

One Way to Start the Day.

Went out into the shed to grab a thing. Startled an animal which freaked out and tried to run away only to jump into a box and get slightly stuck for a moment before righting itself and fleeing behind some other stuff to hide.
This action, in turn, startled tf outta me and before my brain could process what type of animal it might be, i was hopping about and screeching.

Turns out that me and the bunny have pretty much the exact same startle reflex.


The thing you are doing when you’re not doing the thing that needs doing.

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