Penned In…..

This page will (soon!) contain pieces I’ve written. I lean toward poetry, songs, and short stories.

Welcome, welcome,

Come on in and find,

the drippings and juices

that have leaked from my mind.

*ß *ß*ß*

Grandma Ruth
You’ve been gone for ten years now
And I still cannot quite fathom how
the world still turns without you in it
’cause that day the earth tipped off its axis-just a bit.
Not a lot, I suppose most people didn’t notice
But, for me, some things are a little duller and out of focus.
Christmas doesn’t shine quite so bright
I mean, who could forget your parties on Christmas Eve night?
You were the toast of the town-no, the country-the world
You were bigger than life for this little girl
You were an adventuresome broad; brazen and brash
A world class lady with an unmistakable laugh
I wish you were here to meet my son
I think you and he would have loads of fun
You showed me a world full of possibilities
and expanded my world on your Grand Adventure with me
My childhood is painted in hues brighter by a shade or two
Because I loved you and you loved me,too.

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