Can’t hardly believe it’ll be 7 yrs soon. 

Missing you

Often think of you

Taking a moment to remember the good times we had

Having you for a mom was a GOOD THING. 

Even when we were stubbornly fighting would be better than this not-at-all stuff. 

Really really miss you


Celebrate Women



So I made myself a different blog so I could cuss and fuss about political and social stuff. Accidentally posted my first post over here. So if you were surprised by the cussing and fussing that’s what happened. Pretty sure I’ve got that sorted now. And hopefully won’t do that again. 

I occasionally cuss here but usually save it up. 


12 score years ago George Washington and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen were warned. 

Nevertheless, they persisted. 

Guess they should have just sat down and shut up then. They too were just a bunch of rabble rousing upstarts. They too pushed back against the powers-that-be and their exploitive status quo. They too sought justice and equality against a government drunk on its own power. 

But, alas, the powerful are rarely quickly willing to give it up. 

Nevertheless, they persisted. 

History often ends up on the side of the persistent. 


Consent. (Adult themes and situations)

So I’ve read recently about a couple instances of ridiculousness in terms of what legal consent is or isn’t or should or shouldn’t be. 

Let me say first that merely achieving consent is a pretty low bar to set for dual participation activities. I did not think this up, but I’ve been staunchly in favor of it since I read it (somewhere that I can’t remember): 

You want enthusiastic participation. Not just someone who lets you, but someone who wants you and is tuned in, turned on, and excited to be doing it. 

If you don’t have that, consider why not and don’t just plow ahead anyway. 

In case you are struggling with some of the issues about consent that seem to be confusing for some people, I’ve come up with a way of thinking that just might help you. 

From now on, treat all sex

The same way you treat Anal sex. 

Not everyone does it. Not everyone likes it. Don’t even bring it up until you’re comfortable together. They aren’t obliged to say yes even if you really want to do it. 

If they do like and trust you enough to do it, be careful, be conscientious, take care not to hurt them, and stop if they say to. Do everything you can to make it feel good and be enjoyable so they might want to do it again with you. 

Don’t assume that just because they did it before they are going to do it every time you want to. 
**yes, of course, there can be exceptions to any rule, but keeping this in mind for most situations certainly won’t steer you wrong. Erring on the side of too much consent* can only be a good thing. 

*you can’t have too much consent. 

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