Ok, so now that the holidays are pretty much over and we’ve recovered somewhat, it’s probably time to look ahead to the new year.

School starts again on the 4th, so that’s the first thing on the agenda. I’m trying to get ready for my next term and hoping to do well. Unfortunately, my classes are somewhat later this term, so I’m not looking forward to that. But, in general, I enjoy school and am looking forward to it.

I’m not the only one who starts back to school that day, the elementary schools do, too. So, that means everyone will be up early monday morning. Yay.

I have the usual list of goals for the new year. I am determined to get in better shape, lose some weight, and generally try to be more healthy and fit.

My other goals are:

to be more creative and manifest that creativity more in the real world,

to work on getting more organized,

to do more good in the world,

to love my family better,

and save money with better consistency.

I try not to have New Years Resolutions, as such. But, it is hard not to think of the turning of the wheel as a chance at a fresh start. So what are your goals or resolutions for 2010? Do you have resolutions?

Hopefully, we have success in 2010 with our goals and, if not, we can find compassion for ourselves and satisfaction in the trying.

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