Sew What?

I sometimes think that the way I dress doesn’t really reflect my personality. (Other times I don’t really care, but one needs to post about something.) I really feel like I’m artistic and creative and “unique” and that is not represented well by my wardrobe. Part of this is NOT MY FAULT. Part of this is the fashion industry’s extreme lack of creativity when it comes to plus sized clothing. Somehow most of those designers assume that if you are a little bigger you must not have any taste. We might as well go down to the Army Surplus store and buy tents to wear for all the options that some designers would have us choose from. It would definitely be a lot cheaper.  

I will save my rant about the shortsightedness of the fashion industry (and retailers) in excluding plus sized consumers for another post.

The rest of the reasons fall on my own shoulders.

  • First, I shop for my clothes almost exclusively at thrift stores.

This is for two main reasons. Number one, I really have a hard time paying retail for anything. Especially clothes. Of course, this has the effect of further limiting my options when it comes to clothes. But, to be honest, I go to regular retail stores and rarely see something in my size that would make me cross back over. Because I probably would-for the right thing.

Secondly, and more importantly, I try really hard to recycle as much as I can. So, I love buying secondhand clothes as often as possible. Since most of the organic clothing I’ve seen costs an arm and a leg (and would only fit my arm or leg!), I can’t really go that route. Much as I’d like to. As far as I can tell, if you want to be conscientious about what you wear you have to be a twig. Not that I’m bitter or anything. Even at my dad’s store, which sells all organically grown hemp products, they only went up to XL last time I asked. I don’t know if that’s because that’s what is available or because that’s what they order. I keep forgetting to pester ask him about it.

  • Another reason is comfort.

Generally, I will choose comfort first, then style. That isn’t to say that the two are mutually exclusive, but they can be. Also, I have needed to have a bit of size range built into my clothes for the last while. So, I wear sweats a lot.


So my solution for this is that I need to get back into the habit of sewing. I like to sew, but I put my sewing machine away.

 So, out of sight=out of mind.


I’ve decided lately that I’m going to have to build or modify my own clothes so they are what I want, or like, in the size I need. Hopefully, I will do that soon. I have a slight procrastination problem, but I’ve been doing a little better with that. So that’s my new scheme. Whaddaya think?

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