International Women’s Day! (March 8)

Here’s wishing you a powerful and inspirational International Women’s Day!

Say Yes!

She’s next

Here’s the thing about me and flash mobs. I was raised on musicals. I know the words to most songs from most musicals (older ones at least). Flash mobs are a very cool manifestation of my lifelong desire to have my world suddenly burst into choreographed song and dance wherever I go. So this beautiful flash mob is all tangled up in my childhood dreams of living in a musical and my adulthood dreams of empowering women and girls to believe in themselves and each other. It made me cry. See, little girl, even the most improbable dreams have the power to come true. I need to be on the look out for a flash mob near me 🙂

I believe she is amazing! flash mob

Some things you can do:

How To Celebrate International Women’s Day from Your Comfortable Suburban Home

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