Had to get up at 4 to go potty. This is not ideal since I get up at five. But it is early enough that if I’m careful i can get right back to sleep and get another 30-45 minutes.
So I snuggled back in bed.

Then the weird scratching started.

It was the cat. Scratching at the bookshelf that she said had a mouse under it.
I’m thinking that a mouse wouldn’t be there, because it would have ditched out because there’s a cat.
Solstice, of course, does not believe my nonsense and continues scritching.
Like a mouse.
Except bigger.
And wearing a bell.

I get up to move some things so she can see that there isnt a mouse there.


There is a mouse there.
But she doesn’t see it because she’s busy looking for it.
Of course it gets away and she doesn’t realize it for a while. And won’t listen when I tell her where it went.

I lay back down to rest a bit until my alarm.

She decides that since I’m up, she’ll climb up and lay on my arm.
Gmorning, All.

And yesterday:

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