But, her peanut butter!

Yesterday I went to the Food4less to grocery shop. Supposedly they have food for less.

I think I’ve been in there before, but it’s been so long that I was basically starting anew.

I noticed that they had a decent sized bulk section. I had to do a double take at the bulk container of peanuts because it had a sogn saying you could get fresh ground peanut butter. Which I haven’t seen before.

I didn’t need peanut butter, but jelly was on the list so I meandered into the next aisle to have a looksee.

There was a fella in the aisle pretty much exactly where I needed to be so I stayed back a bit to let him finish and peek around him some.

He grabbed a jar and turns around to say, “I’m always getting in trouble for getting peanut butter Spread. I’m supposed to just get peanut butter.”

I reply, “you should get some of the fresh ground peanut butter in the bulk section.”

“I should, shouldn’t I?”

“Yep, a big tub. ‘Is this what you wanted?'”

We laugh.

I add, “oh, or just a big bag of peanuts.”

He nods in agreement. “And a blender!”

He really gets into it and says, “or maybe I’ll just show up with a plant with a big ol’ root ball and some potting soil!”

We snicker some more and he says I should have a good day as he wanders off.


Now I want to go back and get some fresh peanut butter.

Nice little interlude of humor.

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