Everything is ridiculous

I have applied to work at Walmart. I don’t prefer to get sucked into corporate retail waters, but they are paying 3 more dollars an hour. Which is too much to ignore. I’m sure that they are worse as a corporation than my current employer, but there isn’t much room to increase my pay without increasing my responsibilities at my current job. And I prefer not to do that. And I don’t think the pay increase would be commensurate to the responsibility either. And it would still be less than I would start at at Walmart (should I be hired).

My goal is still to increase/maintain my art business to the point that it becomes my main/only source of income. Until then, a job is just a job. So pay increase is important. I gots bills!

I’m pretty sure that working at Big W will cause my Hippie Card to be revoked.

Sadly, crapitalism is the main player right now. And I’m not enough of a risk taker to buck the system much.

Cross your eyes and fingers and legs and toes for me.

Currently I have been borrowing money from a friend to make ends meet. Even though I have a full-time job and a bit of a side hustle. I moved to try to decrease my expenses, but my roommate fell thru after I was locked into the lease. I didn’t have anywhere else to move anyway.

Now I’m trying to make it withour a roommate. Mostly because I’m crotchety and paranoid about new people with me and my cats.

This month I also had a big car repair and need some emergency dental care.

I’ve been trying to sell my art and stuff online, sadly that hasn’t really panned out yet.

I feel like I’m continuing to need help and I hate it. But I am continuing to take steps to fix my situation.

If you want to help, I have a gofundme https://gofund.me/26715023

Or cashapp $brookarthuman

Venmo brookarthuman

PayPal: dancingcreekcreations@yahoo.com

Or sharing would also be helpful.


Other helpful actions would be to purchase some things from my online shop http://DancingCreek.redbubble.com

Or my Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DancesWithPaint

I really struggle with asking for help and with the sales/marketing side of art business even. It really messes with my anxiety, self confidence, and depression triggers apparently.

I don’t have a great way to end this post, so I’ll just say

I love you. And thanks!


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