I don’t have any real desire to move back to Nevada. There are, of course, good memories and good people there. But mostly it’s a strange Wild West State and that’s how they want it.

The things I miss most from there are the easy access to entertainment and the food.

The casinos have great shows and artists come in and they also offer fantastic food at generally good prices. They know they’ll get your money some other way so they don’t want you to leave.

But you don’t necessarily need to go to a casino to get good food at fairly good prices, because everyone else has to compete with the casinos so the bar is pretty high.

I remember going to a buffet after I moved out of Nevada and being pretty underwhelmed. And I’ve continued to be so ever since.

My list of things I need when I next move has a couple things on it. Most recently I remembered that easy access to good food needs to be on there.

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