A Poem. Titled

I wrote a poem.

I wrote a poem and I filled it up with words.

And crafted lines of the most beautiful prose you’ve ever heard.

You could feel the emotions dripping off of the page

The sadness

like molasses

The fiery crackle of burning hot rage

Some humor, a light

To cut through the darkness

Like a knife.

I weighed you down

In pain to wallow,

Then lifted you up

In healing for tomorrow.

The words were flowing

And then they weren’t.

Six Word Friday: Captive

I am captivated by your words

Slowly drawn in by your lines

by the careful crafting of sentences

and beautifully glimmering hand-turned phrases.

I am mesmerized by your story

hooked on every well baited line

reeled in, powerless against your pull

caught, ensnared, trapped by your metaphor

and furthermore, similarly, by your simile

at the end I am yours

gasping for air on the shore

dying, and still only wanting more

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Six Word Friday: Stop and Go

Once again she says to herself:

Stop procrastinating. Go write a post.

go see melissa. don’t stop!

Fat. and other bad words.

People are obsessed with being skinny. This is not surprising given our unrealistic, media driven culture. I don’t want to be skinny. Personally I find very skinny people look unhealthy and wish that they would eat a bit more. The other part of wanting to be skinny is driven by the health industry. We all know how much more healthy it is not to carry too much weight. Honestly, you’d have to live in a cave not to have heard of all the dangers of being heavy. I in no way dispute that. That’s why my goal is to become more fit and strong and get down to a more healthy weight.

But that doesn’t make it okay for people to bandy about words like fat or obese.

I’ve heard Oprah say that it’s one of the last things it’s okay to discriminate against. I agree that many people seem to be harshly judgmental about overweight people and fairly callous in their use of words about it. If you wouldn’t walk up to them and talk about their fatness or obesity, then don’t, please, talk to me about it. Or talk around me about it. If you wouldn’t walk up and talk to me about my weight, then please don’t talk to anyone else about it. If you can engage me (or them) in a respectful dialogue about your concerns about my (their) health, then you’ve done a lot more to promote healthy behaviors than ever will be accomplished by name calling.

And that’s what it is.

Name Calling.

Maybe you say obese because that is a medical term and that makes it okay. Yeah, it really doesn’t.

I’m overweight. I’m heavy. I need to increase my fitness and yes, decrease my fat. But many times weight issues (too little or too much) are about far more than just eating. They are complex topics that are intertwined with emotions and power and control as well as hormones and genetics and lifestyle.

There are beautiful people of every weight, shape and size. So let’s try to be a little more aware of the power of our words. Let’s try to give each other the benefit of the doubt and treat each other with kindness first and foremost.

Six Word Friday: Exchange

I wonder what is the going

rate for words in today’s market.

Surely we have a few that

we don’t use anymore. Nice, heavy,

antique words, thick with a patina

from centuries of use. Words worth

much, but fallen into disuse now.

Can we not trade these priceless

relics? Exchange them for words that

should not exist in the world.

I am a weaver of words,

a lover of language, but I…

I would trade in these precious

commodities if I thought that they

would secure me a language, no

a world, that had no use

at all, no need whatsoever for

a word like the word heinous.

Surely some sort of deal can

be made, agreed upon, worked out.

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Six Word Fridays: If

The two biggest words, says me,

would definitely be IF and MAYBE.

Two little words, huge with possibility.

If we might. maybe we could.

Maybe we oughtn’t. If we should?

two tiny insignificant words they look

How do they stymie this Brook?
Six Words

Writing Around

I haven’t been posting much lately. I guess I’m glad that I had already started doing the Six Word Friday posts prior to my mom’s passing. I wanted to keep up with it and was able to- just barely. I would not have started it right afterward, though.

The problem is that I have no words.

More accurately, I have so many words and they are so powerful and important that I cannot seem to get them out. This frustrates me because my mother was a writer and I am a writer and I feel like this is what I am supposed to be doing to honor and pay tribute to her. But, much as they did with her in life, my words are tangled in a knot and I can’t seem to get out what needs to be said.

So, you’ll have to bear with me for a while as I work this junk out. It’s still very fresh. (not quite 3 weeks)

I also know that I am still a little numb. Less so, but still. One of my instructors said it didn’t really hit her until about two years after her dad died. So, I know that it takes as long as it takes.

and that’s okay.

Six Word Friday: Listen







This (6000+) Six Word Friday post was inspired by Melissa at Making Things Up


and Mother Nature.

Be sure to go check them both out 🙂


Today I am grateful for:

daylight, cameras, internet, a backup coffee plan, and a visit with a friend later today.