Six Word Friday: Rest

Rule Number One: Do not Lie

The Rest Will Sort Itself Out

Six Word Friday: Question

I suppose the only question is:

what the heck do I write?

Six Word Friday: Rusty

I know that rusty can mean

a whole entire list of things.

But, for me, Rusty only means

the one single important special thing:

My mom’s best and favorite dog.

We had many over the years.

But mom was never very good

at the discipline of their training.

So often we had to rely

upon their good nature to achieve

Good behavior and long term harmony.

As you can imagine, that didn’t

always work out all that well.

Rusty came into Mom’s life by

random chance or by serendipitous circumstance.

She found him wandering one day.

It seems he’d been a hunter.

Extremely well trained and highly restricted

in his previous life and interactions.

Theirs was a match made in

dog-lover and human-owner heaven.

Rusty came pre-trained and well behaved.

Mom gave him the freedom to

relax and just be a dog.

She was devastated when he died.

When she died, we mixed her

and his ashes and released them

into the ocean together. Together forever.


Six Word Friday: Wander

“All who wander are not lost”

this is probably my favorite quote

In my life I have never

really been deeply rooted in one

place. My mom and I were

not gypsies. We didn’t travel constantly.

But every few years, whether due

to finances or restlessness, we moved.

I think we were searching for

our tribe. Our roots were always

set in our family. We always

lived near someone we love. But

I think some places fit better

than others for our unique temperaments.

After a while, we would get

itchy feet again, and move on.

In between all that, I traveled

every summer (and most Christmases)to

my grandparent’s house to stay with

my dad and the family there.

I find it very strange that

my son has always lived here.

We’ve moved a couple times since

he was born. But really, not

very far and not at all

since he was around two years

old. We are fast approaching ten.

My feet are getting pretty itchy.

Soon I need to get lost,

or rather, I need to wander.

(highway, train tracks, river. transportation abounds)

Six Word Friday: Captive

I am captivated by your words

Slowly drawn in by your lines

by the careful crafting of sentences

and beautifully glimmering hand-turned phrases.

I am mesmerized by your story

hooked on every well baited line

reeled in, powerless against your pull

caught, ensnared, trapped by your metaphor

and furthermore, similarly, by your simile

at the end I am yours

gasping for air on the shore

dying, and still only wanting more

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Six Word Friday: First

Post first thing in the morning?

Not this time. Not usually, honestly.

The first week back to school.

Adjusting to the schedule fairly well.

First week of new exercise plan.

lots of firsts are going around.

Can I be first for a nap?

Six Word Friday: Final August Fun





























melissa’s last six word friday hosting

August Six Word Friday=Fun

lots of fun things in summer

bear the heat

best you can

take a swim

to cool off


gather together with

friends and family


chill out

take a deep breath

look out

summer flies by quickly.

Six Word Fridays: Fun (August)

Summer fun-

on the run.


time at home

having flown,


gaze turns in

from summer’s


the faint call

first fall


not just yet

never fret


warm and bright-

cooler nights


a gentler speed

fewer needs


old time feeling

childhood dealings


catching of breath

time then,




Six Word Friday: Happy (June continues)

the family is driving over today

because tomorrow is the big day

finals are over, books put away

happy? yes, so I would say.

Gradoodle-ation is tomorrow afternoon at two.

more happy here 🙂

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